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Lekki Business Chronicle, the heart of Lekki’s economic vitality, is a news carrier designed to cover business events and as a media organization provides comprehensive coverage of business news . At LBC ,we are the driving force behind the dynamic ecosystem that fuels the growth and interconnectedness of businesses in the Lekki Peninsula from a local, regional and national perspective.

We collaborate with businesses to promote and advance growth within the Lekki axis stretching from various shopping malls around Lekki Toll Gate and Lekki Link Bridge with its blue ocean businesses & habitants to various lock-up shops, marts and malls along Lekki Epe Expressway upto Ajah Jubilee Bridge.

The businesses around Abraham Adesanya round about , to Awoyaya, Lakwe, Bogije , ABAT Central Business District Market and the fast growing small and medium scale businesses to Eleko Junction in Ibeju are part of our coverage area.

The main fast growing areas from Eleko junction to Free trade zone arena gradually turning to an industrial and hospitality hubs remain the eagle eye of LBC.

Lekki Business Chronicle is more than words on paper; it’s a synergistic force that keeps the wheels of our community turning hence the appendage …your community fly wheel .
As a community flywheel, we strive to maintain momentum, generate energy, foster a continuous cycle of grow, and recognize that when businesses work together, they can feed off each other’s energy, innovation, and success.

Our mission is to keep the community informed with up-to-date business news, trends, and provide expert analyses for positive change.

LBC will feature local people and decision makers who are leaders within these communities and report on local and national issues that impact subscribers’ businesses and assist them in growing their companies.

Through workshops, networking sessions, collaborative projects etc, LBC will serve as the hub where the diverse stories of Lekki’s businesses come together to create a tapestry of inspiration.

We shall achieve these by creating opportunities for businesses to interact, synergize, and generate ideas that can propel the community forward.
Whether it’s the tale of a startup overcoming challenges or an established business reinventing itself, Lekki Business Chronicle will celebrate these stories and share the lessons learned as part of our business insights.

Join us on this exhilarating journey of growth and collaboration. Lekki Business Chronicle is not just a platform; it’s a community flywheel that harnesses the collective energy of businesses in Lekki, driving them to new heights and ensuring a sustainable cycle of success for everyone involved. Together, let’s propel Lekki’s businesses to unprecedented achievements and create a legacy of prosperity for generations to come.

44 Markets, 135 communities, 568 Estate Apartments,
One News journal, One Network

To be a leading Business Newspaper with local and international appeal

Report our immediate and global environments
Create awareness for individual and corporate businesses
Give business and economic news a human face

The 5 Trade mark of Lekki Business Chronicle are:
Speed: Speed to value, Scale and Execution is Paramount
Quality: Quality is our watch word
Trust: Mind-set shift. Transparency. Drive
Style: Our system, Scope, Structure and Strategies give us Competitive edge
Technology: New architecture. System &Tools

Goals & Objectives
Our primary goals and objectives centers on quality journalism, innovative marketing, exemplary customer service and an unquestioned commitment to the highest standards of professional and corporate ethics. We shall achieve these by:
1. Recognizing that our skilled and dedicated employees are the company’s greatest strength to provide business mentorship and effective entrepreneurship training

2. Providing the Best Local Business News from Lekki shopping malls to Ibeju Coastal market through advertising and by promoting local community businesses.

3.Keeping local businesses updated on global business policies and models thus ensuring that the public have knowledge on new improved products and more innovative services.

4. Provide financial intelligence to both small and medium scale businesses and access to loan from financial institutions.

5. Assist CEOs and Business Owners by creating business opportunity for economic growth and prosperity for all within the lekki corridor in thier revenue pursuit, strategic agenda, growth plans, business development, profitability improvement, capital raising and debt refinancing etc



Bola Badmus

Director Publications

Emmanuel Malagu

Director Business Development

Patrick Adenusi

Director Finance  

Ike Okonkwo

Director IT Services

Gboyega Sodipo

Director Legal Services

John Joshua


Olusegun Abiodun







Emmanuel Malagu




David Isaac


Ernest Yima Azege (08066996565, 08024404881)

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